Name of Project Project Summary Progress of 3-month Idea Acceleration Programme
1 Heycoins For the majority people at counties where the using of coins in circulation is frequent and types of coins are manifold, Heycoins is a social solution of offline to online coins for coins exchanging and processing business, to solve daily coin’s problems in society via depositing offline coins into kiosks and exchanging out online products or values. Heycoins collaborates with different business partners across industries, e.g. logistic and technology industries for achieving better operation efficiency at different sectors. – Completion of a series of product test.

– Established collaboration network with potential users e.g. NGO, SMEs etc.


Longevity Design House


Longevity Design House (LDH) leverages on recycling unwanted construction materials to small scale domestic renovation. The project will facilitate interested elderly to apply the government maintenance fund. With the consideration on “Safety x Sports x Wellness x Entertainment” aspects, LDH minimise the opportunity of domestic injured by providing a desirable and elderly friendly living environment. The project targets to establish partnership with hotel and elderly home for temporary staying during the renovation.


– Refining on the business plan and revenue model

– Secured a 800 sq ft showroom at Cheung Sha Wan

3 Rubber Boy Academy Animation series “Rubber Boy Academy” Animation Campaign aims to use edutainment videos to promote sign language and its unique culture. Enrich the imagination of sign langue in mainstream community via promoting the application of sign language in different communication setting and community groups in a fun and engaging ways.



– Animation will be launched on ViuTV and Ming Pao website

– Platforms of showing Rubber Boy animations will be increased from 6 to 9

– Established collaboration with Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies of CUHK to promote the use of teaching materials


4 MedEXO Robotics – Wearable robotic device for Parkinson’s Disease MedEXO Robotics is going to produce an affordable and multipurpose exoskeleton device, to facilitate people with disabilities, injured, and elderly in better movement. The device facilitates users to remain independent in daily life by providing assistive force and controlling abnormal movements, such as tremors caused by neural disorder diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. – Organised a series of focus group to better understanding on the users’ needs and comments

– Prototype development

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