Each application will be evaluated against FOUR major criteria.

Social impact

Social Impact Assessing the Need: An analysis of the social issue and its affected population. Proposed idea is able to address a significant and critical social problem. Social Impact: The value that the idea will bring to society. Implementation of proposed idea can benefit the community and the multiple stakeholders involved, and has the potential for significant social impact and engagement of the broader community.

Social impact

Innovativeness Relation to the theme: Elements that connects Design and use of Technology to address the social problem identified. Proposed idea identified a social issue and fill the gap with design or technology. Innovation: A demonstration that the proposed solution displays a unique and innovative approach from technology or design perspective. The proposal approach the social problem in an innovative and dynamic way.

Social impact

Implementation Feasibility: A demonstration that the proposed idea can be successfully implemented. The initiative aspire towards clear, realistic and achievable goals, and can be implemented effectively. Business Model: The proposal demonstrates a distinguished value proposition which adequately articulate both social objective and commercial viability. The work plan presents the rationale of how the team leverages on resources and creates impact. Sustainability: Long-term prospects for viability and success. Proposed idea proposed adequate strategies for fundraising and income generation, and considered different dimensions of financial and social sustainability in a conscientious manner.

Social impact

Presentation (Applicable to Pitchathon) The overall performance of the presentation. Presenter(s) can effectively explain their vision and strategy, and deliver an exciting and compelling pitch within limited time. Able to leverage right media (such as charts, data, and visual aids) to engage judges and audience’s attention. Capability (Applicable to Final Pitch) The team demonstrates strong leadership, relevant experience, and able to access to an extensive network. The team demonstrates distinctive track record of profit-making start-up or relevant work experience of the current start-up; demonstrating strong leadership and execution capability of top team according to CV and credible reference check

Judging Panel

*Listed by alphabetical order
Mr Chua Hoi-wai Chief Executive, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Mr Francis Fong President, Hong Kong Information Technology Federation
Dr Kan Tai-keung Founder and Honorary Advisor, KL&K Creative Strategics
Mrs Agnes Mak Executive Director, Hong Kong Productivity Council
Ms Lirranna Sun Managing Director, Institutional Banking Group, DBS Bank (HK) Limited
Mr. Stephen Wong Adjunct Associated Professor, Institute of China Business, University of Hong Kong, SPACE
Mr Andrew Young Chief Commercial Officer, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Grant and Prize

The Funding Amount and Prize are illustrated as below:


  • 10 Finalists
  • HKD20,000 Idea Acceleration Fund for each team
  • 3 months incubation support


  • 4 Champion Prizes
  • Funding Award at HKD450,000 for each team
  • One year incubation support

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